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   Document Specifics

The aim of this page is to explain some of the drawings, colors used and why,
as well as some of the existing limitations.

• Great care and effort has been employed to ensure this document’s accuracy.
Its purpose and intent is only to provide the user with guide-lines on how this
system could be installed.

• All the dimensions of pipes, insulation, tapes, and others, may not represent
their real-life sizes, unless specifically stated.

• The document will contain both 3D drawings and real pictures, depending upon
the amount of detail required.

• There will be no Figure (drawing) index. Their numbering system will only be
relevant to the chapters or pages they support.

• When other sources are used or cited, they will be referenced as footnotes.

• Pipe: although it looks like a metal pipe, it
represents all types of pipe-materials, metallic
and nonmetallic.

• Insulation: its color was randomly chosen. It
makes no reference to any particular type of

• Rivets: some are colored in red, for a better
visual representation. Their standard colors
are grey and white.

• Tapes: in most drawings, the circumferen-
tial tapes are shown opened to highlight the
amount of layers that may be required. Some
of them are also colored in blue to be easily
identifiable within the illustration. The color of
the real tape is silver.

•  Jacket = clad, cladding, covering material.

•   Please be aware that this document only
concentrates on the installation best practices
but it does not specifically consider any partic-
ular installation site. The decision of whether   
to use or not this system must incorporate
many other particular aspects.
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