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                                          Radius explained

The meaning of R:                                      33mm
Radius (R) is always expressed as a                     (1.5 * 22mm)
measure of the pipe OD(1) or NB.
When R = 1 it means the radius of an
elbow is equal to the pipe OD. Like-
wise, if R = 1.5 it states that R is 1.5
of the OD.

R1    = Pipe OD
R1.5 = Pipe OD * 1.5

Following the above principles, one
would be able to determine the R by
using a square measuring tape, plac-
ing it on the welds of the elbow, then
comparing it to the pipe OD.

There are three important elements required when ordering elbows/bends (or fittings):
	 1. Pipe thickness;
	 2. Insulation thickness; and
	 3. Pipe middle-radius.(2)

Middle Radius

Insulation Thickness

                           Pipe Size (OD or NB)

(1) OD stands for Outside Diameter. NB stands for Nominal Bore - internal diameter of a pipe.
(2) Note: when we talk about Radius, we always talk about the pipe-radius, never about the insulation. Radius has never anything to do
with the insulation thickness. We also do not say ‘middle-radius’, but just ‘radius’ expecting that we are talking about the middle-radius.
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